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Comprehensive genomic profiling is critical for precision oncology, requiring highly sensitive and scalable next-generation sequencing platforms. The following speakers assessed the performance of their leading cancer gene panels on the MGI’s G400 and G99 DNBSEQ systems. Agilent's 679 + 80 gene SureSelect Cancer CGP assay provides solid tumor profiling on the G400. GenePLUS employs a 1021-gene panel covering whole exome content relevant to cancer and hereditary diseases. Meanwhile, NGeneBio's focused panels target 18-343 genes for hematologic malignancies, solid tumors, and pan-cancer screening validated on the G99. Across various panel sizes and sequencer throughput, outstanding sequencing metrics were achieved including >90% Q30 and >50X mean coverage depth. Known single nucleotide variants were detected at allele frequencies down to 1%, with accurate detection of copy number and structural variants. The exceptional speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of MGI’s DNBSEQ systems allows customizable implementation of the large CGP panels or more targeted panels for precision cancer research and diagnostics. By supporting key cancer gene targets on fast, high-quality sequencing, laboratories can adopt optimized platforms to advance genomic medicine.

OncoPanels with DNBSEQ

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Dr Xiaorui (Harry) Han - Overseas Product Manager @Beijing Geneplus
Dr. Kathy K.S. Lee - Team Leader/PhD @NGeneBio Co. Ltd.
Dr. William Tan - Associate Director, Medical Affairs @MiRXES
Dr. Felicity Hall - Senior Global Product Manager @Agilent Technologies
Dr. Michael Ruvolo - Director, R&D @Agilent Technologies
Dr. Lee Chee Yang - @Agilent Technologies


MGI's DNBSEQ™ technology, delivers superior sequencing with a low error rate and compatibility with common library methods. It enhances genomics-based health monitoring and our understanding of human and other species' genomes by making high-throughput sequencing more quality-efficient and affordable.

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Genomics Unlocked Speakers Professor. Charles E. Chappel - Chief Scientific Officer at Saphetor Dr. Marcela Galvez - Medical & Scientific Director at Gencell Dr. Manuel Delpero - Bioinformatician at MGI
Genomics Unlocked Speakers Dr. Ashraf Dallol - Laboratory Director at NoorDx Dr Akbar Ali Khan Pathan - Senior FAS Manager at MGI
Genomics Unlocked Speakers Professor. Robert Henry - QAAFI Professor. Xiaolei Liu - CEO of Glibizzia Biosciences Dr. Shangtong Li - Huazhong Agricultural University
Genomics Unlocked Speakers Dr. Weilin Liu - Field Application Scientist at MGI

This webinar showcases a complete workflow for disease diagnosis, from sample collection to report generation. It covers exome sequencing using MGI’s DNBSeq-T7, data analysis with VarSome Clinical, and Gencell's practical application of these tools.

Discover how we revolutionized high-throughput DNA sequencing into a crucial diagnostic tool at NoorDx, Saudi Arabia using MGI platforms, underscoring the significance of genome analysis in healthcare decisions.

Learn how Next-Generation Sequencing is reshaping agriculture, improving plant and animal breeding. Through case studies, we illustrate how NGS enables efficient selection, promoting faster, cost-effective breeding strategies.

Genomics Unlocked Speakers Dr. Weilin Liu - Field Application Scientist at MGI

Using DNBSEQ™ technology, Stereo-seq provides detailed gene expression profiling in intact tissue slices, offering researchers enhanced spatial clarity and cellular insights. In our webinar, we'll discuss Stereo-seq's impact on the Human Protein Atlas and present advanced bioinformatic tools and automation from STOmics.

Genomics Unlocked Speakers Professor. Charles E. Chappel - Chief Scientific Officer at Saphetor Dr. Marcela Galvez - Medical & Scientific Director at Gencell Dr. Manuel Delpero - Bioinformatician at MGI

The webinar explores Alacris Theranostics' CMTA, which combines RNAseq and whole exome sequencing for targeted cancer treatment. It's ideal for complex or unidentified tumors. The platform leverages MGI DNBSEQ technology for personalized care. Speakers include experts from Alacris and MGI-tech.

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