Dr. Marie-Laure Yaspo

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Yen-Yu Lin

Dr. Yen-Yu Lin serves as a senior field application scientist and leads the FAS team at BGI Research/STOmics EU, with a specialization in Stereo-seq technical support. A frequent speaker at seminars and workshops, she offers training and troubleshooting expertise to Stereo-seq users. Having earned a coveted government scholarship for overseas study, she completed her doctoral degree in Genetics from the University of Munich. Trained in molecular medicine and versed in phytopathology, Dr. Lin is adept with diverse research models. With a decade-long tenure in molecular biology and proficiency in transcriptomic data analysis, she's based in Munich. Dr. Lin has been pivotal in establishing Stereo-seq workflows across the UK and EU, providing unparalleled technical support across various platforms.

Genomics Unlocked Background

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